Mouldings Supplier in Brooklyn and greater New York area. Mouldings are very versatile, as they can be used for various purposes. Mouldings are commonly used to hide the transition between surfaces, or they can be used for decoration within a home. Other mouldings, such as chair mouldings, are used to protect walls from the wear of chairs. Traditionally, mouldings are made from solid wood; however, they come in a variety of materials, including plastic, plaster, and reformed wood. They come in a vast variety of shapes and are chosen on the basis of personal preference and style.

Interior Mouldings:


Astragal 161

Astragal 181

Back Bands

Bar Rails

Base Cap Mouldings:
Base Cap WM 163

Base Mouldings:
Base Moulding 262

Base Moulding 263

Base Moulding 292

Base Moulding 618

Base Shoe Mouldings:
Base Shoe WM 126

Casing 233

Casing 234

Casing 235

Casing 241

Casing 241B

Casing 244

Casing 341

Chair Rails:
Chair Rail 275

Chair Rail 284

Chair Rail 293

Chair Rail 294

Crown 164

Crown 173

Crown 184

Crown 185

Crown 201

Crown 221

Crown 301

Crown 303

Crown 343

Crown 364

Door Stops:
Stop WM 858
Drip Cap
Floor Moulding
Glass Moulding
Half Rounds

Hand Rails:
Hand Rail 414
Lg Half Rounds
Lattice Strips

Nose & Coves:
Nose & Cove 152

Nose & Cove 153
Oak Astragals
Oak Backbands
Oak Bead
Oak Bases
Oak Base Caps
Oak Boards

Oak Casings:
Oak Casing 525
Oak Chair Rails

Oak Cove:
Oak Cove 513
Oak Crowns

Oak Door Stops:
Oak Door Stop 522
Oak Half Round
Oak Hand Rails
Oak Landing Tread
Oak Nose & Cove
Oak Panel

Oak Quarter Rounds:
Oak Quarter Round 505

Oak Saddle or Door Sills:
Oak Saddle or Door Sill 302

Oak Saddle or Door Sill 304

Oak Saddle or Door Sill 305

Oak Shoes:
Oak Shoe Floor Moulding 502
Oak Strips
Oak Threshold
Ornamental Chair Rails & Casing
Ornamental Crowns & Bases
Outside Corner

Panel Mouldings:
Panel Moulding 242

Panel Moulding 271

Panel Moulding 272
Picture Frames

Picture Mouldings:
Picture Moulding 281
Pressed Mouldings
Quarter Rounds
Rabbited Base Caps
Raised Panel Caps
Rope Moulding
Screen Moulding
Shelf Edges

Solid Crowns:
Solid Crown 193

Solid Crown 194

Solid Crown 202

Solid Crown 203

Solid Crown 204
Strips & Squares
Tapestry Strip
Window Stools
Window Stops

Exterior Mouldings:

Envelop® Pole & Post Surrounds
Never Rot® Exterior Mouldings & Trim
Proframe® Exterior Door Frame
Royal S4S Trimboard™
Royal Trim Board®
Siding Accessories
Trimplank® Premium Boards
Window Envelop® Surround System

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